Historic Storrington cottage’s links to Oliver Cromwell


An historic Sussex cottage - reputed to be where Oliver Cromwell made plans to overthrow King Charles I - is currently up for sale.

Much of the history of the 17th century cottage - Water Lane Farm in Storrington - has been traced back to 1724. But it is said to have played a part in the English Civil War after Cromwell stayed there.



However, current owner Fiona King says that residents of another cottage in the village also lay claim to Cromwell having stayed at their property.

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And it’s possible Cromwell could have visited both houses - as nearby Chichester and Arundel played a part in the civil war in 1642 when Sussex and Surrey proved themselves to have Parliamentarian sympathies.

“He could have been on his way to Arundel and stopped off here,” said Fiona, adding: “We love this house. You look at the beams and you think ‘where do they come from’? They must have been on a sailing ship before they were in our house. If only the walls could talk.”

Fiona and her husband Scott have lived at Water Lane Farm since 2010 but are now planning on retiring and moving to Fiona’s home country of Wales. “We’re sorry to leave here but it’s time to move on,” said Fiona. “We would like to take the house with us if we could.

“We sit here sometimes and think gosh, how many people have gone through here. At some points you can see where the floors have been lowered. People must have been tiny back then.”

The beamed cottage is on sale through estate agents Batcheller Monkhouse. It is on the market for offers over £750,000.