Henfield care home introduces ‘magic table’ to help residents with dementia

A Henfield care home has brought a bit of magic to the lives of its residents by introducing a new interactive light projector to help improve their quality of life.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 11:33 am

The ‘magic table 360’ and the ‘Happiness Programme’ have been provided at Red Oaks Care Home in partnership with Social-Ability to help connect residents with staff and each other.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the magic table 360 uses interactive games and light projections, and can be played independently or in a group.

Using innovative technology, it stimulates movement by inviting participants to take part in all sorts of different fun activities such as popping bubbles, playing the piano, colouring in pictures, sweeping leaves or interacting playfully with fish – and research shows it improves the wellbeing of people living with dementia.

A resident at Red Oaks Care Home in Henfield with the magic table 360 SUS-210315-151743001
A resident at Red Oaks Care Home in Henfield with the magic table 360 SUS-210315-151743001

The games are rich in colour, movement and detail, and allow people of all ages to play in a safe and comfortable environment.

Dr Pete Calveley, chief executive of Barchester Healthcare which runs Red Oaks, said: “We are delighted by the initial response of the residents at Red Oaks Care Home when using the magic table 360.

“Designed to create moments of happiness for the residents, it is heart-warming to provide positive and invaluable experiences, with residents more motivated to interact with staff, family and carers alike.”

The magic table 360 is portable so it can be used wherever residents feel most comfortable. It can be projected onto the floor, ceiling, walls, a whiteboard or even the bed.

The Happiness Programme allows for a range of games that change seasonally and have country-specific versions covering 14 different categories, so there will always be something new for residents to try.

The benefits of the Magic Table 360 has shown to improve mood and behaviours especially across the mid-to-late stages of dementia, greater physical, social and cognitive activity, reduction in withdrawn-like symptoms, weight gain and positive impacts on relationships with care staff, friends and family.

Linda Ryan, general manager of Red Oaks, said: “We’re excited to bring a touch of magic to the residents at our home, the magic table 360 will make a big difference by helping to connect residents with staff and with each other, and it’s great fun for the young at heart.”

For more about the magic table 360 and the Happiness programme, visit www.social-ability.co.uk/happiness-programme/magic-table-360