Fundraiser to help Horsham woman with MS treatment


A fundraising cake sale is being held at the Pavillions in the Park, Horsham, next week to raise funds for innovative stem cell treatment for a woman’s multiple sclerosis.

The fundraiser is being held on Tuesday August 28 from 10am for Philippa Charman from Horsham.

Philippa said: “I am asking for your help. I am desperate to pay for medical treatment so that I can regain control of my life.

“I have had multiples sclerosis since 1999.

“MS is an auto-immune disease whereby your immune system starts attacking itself. Or simply your immune system is set to attack invaders, with MS it starts attacking itself.

“So why do I need your help?

“Hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) is an amazing treatment now available which will stop further progression of the disease and may cause regression. Some have reported total reversal of symptoms.

“In layman’s terms, some stem cells are removed, cleansed and frozen for later transplant. I would then be subject to low dose chemotherapy to wipe my immune system out before reinserting the now healthy stem cells.

“These are then able to rebuild a healthy immune system free of disease.

“It’s an aggressive procedure and I have been speaking to lots of people who have had successful transplants.

“This is only just being trialed on the NHS, so if I want to get my life back I need to have it done privately. I have put research into this and the hospital in Russia is my best option. Over 1,000 people have successfully had this procedure in Russia.

“MS has left me in a position where I can afford to live, but not find this kind of money.”