Fuel in Horsham - updates on availability: Where you can get petrol in Horsham on Friday, October 8

Horsham drivers continue to update each other on Facebook as they look to fill up their cars so they can get to work and take their children to school.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 5:34 pm

After big queues on Friday and Saturday, the forecourts were left bare and it was announced on Monday the government suspended competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying with officials said the move would make it easier for companies to share information and prioritise parts of the country most at need.

Facebook pages and posts were set up to keep people informed of where fuel is available in Sussex (click on link). Please visit this page for the latest updates.

5.22pm Selina Skates said: “Just got unleaded at Sainsbury’s Horsham no queue at all very civilised they had both fuels.”

Do you know where to find fuel this morning?

4.29pm Jayne Elizabeth Parker said: “Buck barn Horsham had some about 20 mins ago.”

3.42pm Stewart Morton said: “Tesco Broadbridge Heath open and can be in and out in 10 mins. Fill your boots!”

2.27pm Sarah Bristow-Young said: “Sainsbury’s had some 5 mins ago.”

1.12pm Kevin Sedgwick said: “Thanks for the update earlier re tesco bbh. Plentiful supply well organised @ 11am. Was getting close to empty so much appreciated.”

12.35pm Sooky Choi said: “Filled up at Bolney with unleaded - no limit & no queue at about 10.45am this morning”

12.05pm Demelza Davies said: “Sainsburys Horsham fuel tanker just arrived. Short queue. Only 5 cars.”

10.04am Jackie Edes said: “BBH Tescos have both and Sainsbury’s Horsham also.”

9.48am Tanya Crocker said: “Pease Pottage had some unleaded 97, 30 mins ago but now £1.68 pl!!”

9.44am Chris Kirk said: “Sainsbury’s has all fuel very little queue.”

8.51am Sam Illingworth said: “E5 Available at Buck Barn.”

8.47am Steve Clarke wrote: “Tesco BBH Horsham has all fuels and no queue.”

8.46am Kevin Hallworth said: “Just filled up at Saiinsbury’s in Horsham. Brill - no queue!”

8.37am John Crick said: “BBH Tesco 8.30am, 8th Oct. All grades small queue.”

8.30am Catherine Scutt said: “Fuel at Power in Storrington and no queue as of 8.30am…”

7.30am: Jon Sears said: “I passed 3 Stations this morning. Ansty were having a delivery. Bolney has petrol (no diesel). Manning Heath was empty”

7am: Gary Field said: “Whooper queue at Tesco Extra BroadBridge. They got an overnight delivery. All fuels available.”

7am - Jean Salt said: “Tesco BBH opening at seven am.”

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