Food bank donation shop set up at Southwater nursery

A Southwater nursery has set up a food bank donation shop so children can ‘buy’ items for those most in need in the community.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 10:37 am

Little Acorns Day Nursery & Pre-School has been overwhelmed by the response from parents who have kindly donated a number of food items to the shop before being delivered to Horsham District Foodbank on Thursday, March 11.

Nursery manager Jamie Gearing, who took the food to the foodbank, said: “We put out a call last month explaining that we would be looking for donations.

“We have been overwhelmed with the amazing generosity shown by our parents to kindly donate so many different items that will go a long way to help those who need it.

Little Acorns Day Nursery & Pre-School in Southwater food donation shop SUS-210317-121428001

“After the past year with Covid-19 and so much uncertainty we really wanted to give something back to the community and find something that the children could take part in and be proud of.

“After some discussion between staff we came to the idea of creating a shop where children could buy items for others – learning about the important and key life skill of giving and thinking of others.

“We discussed with the children why we were going to have a food bank donation shop, they had great understanding, empathy, and willingness to help and got straight to work in our shop working together to ensure everyone had a turn being a shop keeper as well having a turn to buy something from the shop.

“The children thought a lot about what the people at the local food bank would like. Picking up items and asking if someone would like this and then deciding which items, they think people would like.

Little Acorns Day Nursery & Pre-School in Southwater food donation shop SUS-210317-121416001

“Our shop was filled with various items from coffee to baby food, the children selected items they thought people would like to use their own personal preferences to make sure that everyone got items they would enjoy. They have loved being part of something that will help others.”

And the children did not want to stop there – they also wanted to give something to all the people that ensure the food bank runs smoothly.

Jamie added: “They decided to draw some amazing pictures and were very proud of all the hard work they put in to create pictures so that they could give them to the amazing workers and volunteers that are vital to ensuring people get the support they need.

“We are so incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve by working together with parents and the children we hope we have been able to make a positive impact on the community.”