First ‘Mass unwrap’ event held at Horsham Waitrose

A ‘mass unwrap’ event held at Horsham’s Waitrose at the weekend aimed to encourage people to think about the amount of plastic that comes with a weekly shop.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 12:35 pm
A mass unwrap event was held at Horsham Waitrose over the weekend

Shoppers could reject any unnecessary packaging by leaving it behind in an arranged excess packaging depot.

Shoppers adjusting their behaviour and showing that they do not want surplus packaging is intended to encourage producers to think about reducing packaging and therefore their impact on the environment.

David Hide, Horsham Labour Party secretary, who co-ordinated the event, said afterwards: “In view of much publicised concerns about single use plastic, the aim of the event was to highlight the amount of packaging incorporated into a weekly shop and to encourage shoppers to think differently about the products they purchase.

A mass unwrap event was held at Horsham Waitrose over the weekend

“While recycling is an increasingly important aspect of waste management, reducing the amount of packaging in particular hard and soft plastics in the first instance must be our goal.”

Shoppers enthusiastically engaged with this event and many expressed an interest in seeing ‘Waitrose unpacked’ introduced into Horsham’s store.

The Waitrose unpacked concept, which introduced a number of plastic-free lines, was trialled at one of its Oxford stores and is being expanded to three more locations in the autumn.