Eco-friendly Passivhaus homes built for Crawley residents

Crawley Borough Council Dobbins Place developement (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Crawley Borough Council Dobbins Place developement (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Eco-friendly homes which need 75 per cent less heating than most buildings are being built in Crawley.

Crawley’s second Passivhaus development is in Dobbins Place, Ifield.

There will be four two-bed houses and two two-bed maisonettes.

A Crawley Borough Council spokesman said: “Following the successful build of Gales Place, Crawley’s first Passivhaus development in February 2017, the decision was made to extend the scheme to the current development in Ifield.

“Work on the new development began in April this year and is due to be completed in March 2019.”

Passivhaus is a German standard of housing designed in the 1990s that concentrates on low energy and high insulation levels.

They are air tight to minimise heat loss with mechanical ventilation and a heat recovery system.

The spokesman added: “Due to their thermal efficiency, Passivhaus properties do not have central heating and comfortable temperatures are maintained all year round.

“Fresh air is continuously provided by mechanical ventilation. This provides high air quality while reducing condensation.

“Annual running costs for the homes are expected to be significantly lower as Passivhaus buildings typically achieve around a 75 per cent reduction in heating requirements compared to standard new buildings.”

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Councillor Michael Jones said: “I am delighted that another Passivhaus development is underway. This fantastic standard of building is not only more economical for our residents but offers environmental benefits, too.

“It was fascinating to come and see how the houses are being constructed and I very much look forward to seeing the homes when they are completed.

“These new homes will form just a small part of this council’s ambitious programme to build over 1,000 new council homes for people with a local connection here in the borough over the coming years.”

Martin Buckthorpe, managing director of Westridge Construction, which is building the homes, said: “We are extremely pleased to have been selected to undertake our second Passivhaus scheme for Crawley Borough Council.

“Our site team are now well into the construction programme and are due to commence internal fit out works shortly. This scheme will deliver yet another modern, forward looking housing solution for the people of Crawley”