Disgust as ‘phantom meat dumper’ strikes again in Crawley residential street

A mystery meat dumper has once more flytipped a large amount of flesh in Crawley.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 10:48 am

Sussex Incidents said the cuts of meat have been discarded in St Sampson Road, Broadfield.

But this isn’t the first time meaty deposits have been littered around Crawley with speculation it has happened up to six times.

Vic Patel, a repulsed eyewitness, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting. What’s wrong with people?”

In this incident, large slabs of meat as well as other mystery pieces of flesh appear to have been thrown into a bush.

A picture from the scene shows the meaty mountain surrounded by shrubbery and stinging nettles.

A Crawley Borough Council spokesman said: “A council spokesperson said: “The dumped meat has been removed by Neighbourhood Services staff. Environmental Health officers are investigating where this meat is coming from and who is dumping it; this latest incident is feeding into those investigations.

“If anyone needs any advice on how to dispose of large amounts of food waste correctly they should email [email protected]

Someone in Crawley has left a large pile of meat in a bush (stock image)