Collyer’s awards bursaries for outstanding academic acheivement

A Horsham college has presented bursaries to new students to recognise their outstanding results at school.

Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 3:34 pm

Bursaries were awarded to those joining the Collyer’s community from partner schools and to students achieving top grades from north, south, east, and west of Horsham.

Dan Lodge, Collyer’s principal, presented the following students with a cheque: Libby Baker, Joseph Baxendale, Joseph Bensusan, Caitlin Boyes, Cerys Brown, Carolina De Lemos Santana, Beth Flanders, Roseanna Graves, Nicole Holdsworth, Ruth Ironmonger, Shriyani Jayatilaka, Molly Parsons, Jennifer Skipp, Aimee Supriyadi, Bendeguz Toth, James Upchurch, Jade Vohra, Amelia Watson and Daniel Wright.

Mr Lodge said: “It is important that Collyer’s recognises the outstanding work of our excellent partner schools, by rewarding some of our new students for their academic success in year 11.

Collyer's presents bursaries to students to recognise their outstanding success in exams.

“We attract students from right across the region, so it is fitting that we should also reward those coming to us from farther afield. I’m sure the money will be put to good use to help support their education or extra-curricular activities while at Collyer’s.”

Libby, one of the bursary recipients, said: “I just want to thank all the support Warden Park gave me throughout my time there, and all the help I got from my family whilst preparing for my GCSEs. I am looking forward to spending the next two years at Collyer’s.”

Ex-Forest pupil Joeseph Bensusan said: “I am honoured to be receiving this bursary from Collyer’s and would like to thank the college for their recognition of my hard work, especially over the last few challenging years. I would also like to thank those who helped me achieve my GCSE results at The Forest School.”

Roseanna, who previously attended Millais, said: “Thank you to all the teachers who worked hard during the lockdowns to keep our learning going, and to my family and friends who kept me entertained while we were stuck at home. I’m very happy to have achieved the GCSE grades that I did and to have been awarded a bursary by Collyer’s.”

Collyer's presents bursaries to students to recognise their outstanding success in exams.

Jennifer, from Tanbridge House School, said: “I am incredibly grateful to Tanbridge House School for the tremendous support they provided over my five years there. During lockdown in particular, the encouragement and positivity of my teachers enabled me to achieve the best results I could, despite the difficult circumstances.”

Deputy principal Steve Martell told the students: “I’m confident that your individual success stories can continue into advanced level and beyond. You’ve all made a great start to life at Collyer’s!”

Collyer’s is currently accepting online applications for September 2022.