Burglars target properties around Horsham

Burglars have targeted a series of properties in and around Horsham over the past week.

In one instance, thieves escaped with two bicycles when they broke into a shed at a house in Mile Ash Road, Horsham.



Police say that the burglary happened some time between 7.15am and 8.30pm on September 27.

The thieves broke the door of the shed before making off with the bikes, say police.

In a separate incident, bicycles were stolen from a garage at a property in Lower Street, Pulborough.

Police say that the theft happened between 6am and midnight on September 25.

In another burglary, power tools were stolen when thieves forced open a garage door at a house in Stane Street, Slinfold.

Police say the burglary happened some time between September 23 and 24.

Meanwhile, would-be thieves tried to break into a barn in Five Oaks Road, Billingshurst, at around 10.45pm on September 24.

A police spokesman said: “The attempt failed and nothing was stolen.”

A patio door was broken in another burglary at a house in Five Oaks Road, Slinfold, some time between September 25 and 27.

Police say that it is not believed that anything was taken from the property.