Is this the best teacher ever? Sussex pupils 'tricked' into theme park treat

A Sussex teacher has been hailed as ‘the best ever’ after finding a unique way to reveal an end of term treat .

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 5:29 pm
Pupils at St Andrew's School in Nuthurst were 'tricked' into a trip to Chessington

After a week of Sats exams pupils at St Andrew’s School in Nuthurst, near Horsham, had probably been dreading going into school last Friday after being told they had to sit yet another test.

However, after turning over their ‘science papers’ they were met with a one of the best question ever printed on an exam - Would you like to go on a trip to Chessington World of Adventures?

Although the announcement wasn’t written as a standard exam question it did lead into one of the easiest multiple choice questions in any paper as students had to decided whether Mr (Sam) Bacon was ‘The best teacher ever’ or ‘The best teacher ever?’

Pupils at St Andrew's School in Nuthurst were 'tricked' into a trip to Chessington

Mr Bacon said: “The first reactions were disbelief - I can’t believe they stayed quiet too.

“Once I knew that everyone had read the question, I confirmed it and there were quite a few tears of joy and more disbelief until I pointed out the coach pulling up through the window.”

Mr Bacon explained most years at the end of Sats week the school organises a treat to celebrate the pupils hard work. Usually this involves students getting ice cream but he decided he wanted to do something ‘slightly more fun’.

He said: “I had the idea for a pretend science test as I knew the children would love the surprise and the way it would be delivered. The parents are very supportive with everything at St Andrew’s so we sent out an email asking for the relevant permissions etc and the plan was set.”

Mr Bacon then created his own exam paper although most students didn’t get beyond the second question.

It read: “Please read the WHOLE question and do not make an noise.

“Chichester class year 6 children are going on a trip to Chessington World of Adventures today and have been tricked by Mr Bacon into thinking they actually have a science test.”

The statement was followed by the two choices of whether Mr Bacon was the best teacher before going on to add: “You have been brilliant this week, so here is a treat to say well done from everyone at school and at home. Enjoy it.”

Mr Bacon said: “It was fantastic- we managed to get on all the rides the children requested and we had some nervous moments (adults included) whilst waiting to go on but they conquered those fears and enjoyed the rides.

“For me personally, the trip and reason we did it was highlighted when the children were both at the park and on the bus - being polite to the public, letting small groups go in front of our 21-long-person line with smiles rather than complaints that they would have to wait a bit longer, saying thank you to the bus driver, having jokes with each other and just being lovely in general. It makes it all so worthwhile and they are a credit to their parents.”

The school shared the children’s reaction to the news on its Facebook page which has since gone viral. Mr Bacon has also received a lot of praise and even a call for him to be nominated for teacher of the year.

One parent said: “This was a genius idea from Mr Bacon and something that the kids will remember for years to come.”

Another added: “It was a superb idea from Mr Bacon and everyone kept it a surprise for Year 6 which made it all the more special for the kids as they have worked so hard for their SATS - a very well deserved treat. Mr Bacon is an amazing teacher and St Andrews is a fabulous school.”

Meanwhile students labelled Mr Bacon as the best teacher ever.