Anger over ‘street racers’ causing uproar near Horsham

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‘Street racers’ are causing havoc for people living in a village on the edge of Horsham.

Residents in Broadbridge Heath say they have been plagued by drivers noisily racing round the village every night for the past three weeks.

Now they fear that someone could end up being killed.

One angry resident said: “Every single night between midnight and 2am there are a group of people who feel it relevant to race from Broadbridge Heath Tesco roundabout up to Fishers Garage roundabout and back - sometimes going around the roundabout the wrong way ‘drifting’ their vehicles.

“The noise for Broadbridge Heath residents is unbearable at that time of the morning and the fact that young kids could lose their lives should this continue is proof enough that this needs to stop.”

He said the problem had been going on “for around three weeks solid.”

Some residents have taken to social media to vent their anger at the situation. One said: “1am this morning the Broadbridge Heath screech your tyres olympics was on! Racing round the roundabout the wrong way ... complete idiots.”

Another said that the drivers were “racing doing hand brake turns, driving the wrong way round the roundabout at crazy speeds.”

Some are now calling for more cameras to be erected in the area.