100 Horsham pupils take on physical challenges to support Syria Relief

Around 100 pupils from a Horsham school have set themselves a series of physical challenges to support a charity which has been impacted heavily by Covid-19.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 9:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 9:05 am

The team from Christ’s Hospital’s Peele block – one of the boys’ boarding houses at the school – have taken on a host of fundraisers over the last few weeks with all pupils from the block joining a charity run on Sunday, May 2.

Their efforts have so far raised £413 out of their £500 target for Syria Relief.

A spokesperson for the pupils said: “Syria has been particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is in need of our support.

Pupils from Christ's Hospital's Peele block have been taking on fundraising challenges for Syria Relief SUS-210517-140439001

“We want to help provide the resources that this country needs after going through a decade-long conflict that took out half of its hospitals and left many citizens in makeshift camps, which leave them vulnerable to a potential Covid-19 outbreak.

“We hope for your support in allowing us to make even a small change for those victims to the unfortunate circumstances of war and the current virus.”

Challenges taken on by the boys who range from age 11-17 include running, cycling and swimming.

One year 12 pupilhas cycled 150 miles, another has performed over 200 push-ups, and one pupil cycled and ran 20 miles before unfortunately fracturing his wrist in the process.

The collective charity run earlier this month saw each pupil run either one or two laps of a mile-long track, aptly known as the Mile, around the school playing fields, while some senior pupils cycled along for supervision and encouragement purposes.