Peace Party’s Jim Duggan standing in WSCC elections

JPCT 170413 S13160956x Jim Duggan, Peace Party - photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 170413 S13160956x Jim Duggan, Peace Party - photo by Steve Cobb

Peace Party candidate Jim Duggan says he is looking forward to May’s local elections after his experience in the Eastleigh Parliamentary by-election.

Jim, 62, has stood in district, county and general elections in Horsham for a number of years and this year he is once again standing in the West Sussex County Council Horsham Riverside ward against Liberal Democrat WSCC group leader Morwen Millson.

He received 128 votes in the Liberal Democrat safe seat of Eastleigh, made vacant when former MP Chris Huhne resigned following charges of perverting the course of justice.

He said it was an interesting experience standing in the Hampshire town, where all the national party leaders and the nation’s press descended for a week.

He said: “I like the district council, parish council and county council elections rather than the general elections. We weren’t going to win in Eastleigh, but we were there.”

In the county elections he said the Peace Party ethos on non-violence and justice can be applied at a county level of politics too.

“Peace is one of the best projects on this planet. We don’t see it at rocket science to contribute to the community.”

In his election leaflet his says the Peace Party pledges to ‘create a housing programme to ensure that everyone has a home of their own to rent or buy’ and to ‘have free local travel for all’.

Also standing in the Horsham Riverside division are David Hide of the Labour Party, Douglas Rands from the UK Independence Party and David Scozzafava of the Conservative Party.

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