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Alan Fisher, Horsham District Councillor 2003-2011
Alan Fisher, Horsham District Councillor 2003-2011

A former Horsham District Councillor Alan Fisher has been described as extremely hard working and caring following his death last week.

In a statement release by the council on Monday (January 14) leader of Horsham District Council, Ray Dawe, said: “I first met Alan when I joined the District Council in 2007. I soon found him to be extremely hard working and very involved in the Council’s activities.

“He was never short of a comment or opinion on what was happening and certainly had a robust but constructive approach to the things we were doing.

“We were always grateful for his positive contributions and I think that this attitude really portrays his sense of responsibility towards the job of councillor.”

Alan was first elected to Horsham District Council in May 2003 as member for the Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote ward and served until May 2011.  

During his time on the council, Alan was vice chairman of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee from 2006 to 2007.

Leader of the Horsham Liberal Democrats David Holmes added: “I had enormous respect for him. When we worked together in committees he was always a very hard working and caring councillor.

“I do not think that any one attending the meeting would have known what party he represented.

“He always focused upon the issue and tried hard to ensure that it was properly dealt with. When comment was required he always spoke up.

“He had long experience in contract management and tried to improve the council’s contract setting procedures and project management.

“He also asked searching questions in order to determine whether or not the council had enough people with the required skills. He was missed by those who knew him when he did not stand again in 2011.”

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