Paxo? Bring him on says George, 11

Schoolboy George Melik SUS-151214-105943001
Schoolboy George Melik SUS-151214-105943001

He’s been known to make students quake in their boots, but political interrogator and University Challenge quizmaster Jeremy Paxman holds no fear for 11-year-0ld George Melik.

In fact young George had no qualms about taking on Paxo when he thought an answer given on the BBC Two television academic quiz was wrong.

Jeremy Paxman SUS-151214-105958001

Jeremy Paxman SUS-151214-105958001

George, who plays cricket for Three Bridges and is a pupil at Handcross Park School, decided to put pen to paper in protest and wrote to the programme’s producers to point out their error.

George had been watching the programme when he realised one of the contestants’ answers was incorrect.

Jo Beard, head of communications at Handcross Park School, said: “George was sure that he had learnt about DNA in his science lesson and that the answer to the question of how genes are inherited from parents was not a 50/50 split.”

He pointed out the error in a letter to the BBC and was delighted to receive a reply from Paul Carson of the BBC’s enquiries team.

Paul wrote to George:“It is probably a slight simplification to say ‘genes are inherited 50/50 because in male children there can be a small difference in the mother’s genes.

“But most experts feel the difference is insignificant. Which parent a child most resembles is basically down to chance. I hope this makes things a bit clearer and thank you for keeping us on our toes.”

George’s father Simon said George wanted to go to university but did not know which one yet “as long as it’s one that will enable him to appear on University Challenge.”