Parish speaks for the first time on housing plans

BILLINGSHURST Parish Council has said it ‘objects vehemently’ to proposals to build up to 500 homes to the east of the village.

The consultation about Horsham District Council’s Interim Statement, which lays out development options for both Southwater and Billingshurst, came to an end last week.

After discussing the plans on Thursday night, the parish council at Billingshurst has released its first statement on the matter.

It reads: “Billingshurst Parish Council objects vehemently to the expansion of Billingshurst.

“The parish council agrees with the local community that Billingshurst’s rapid growth in the last ten years has already brought the village up to its ‘natural’ boundaries in the landscape and beyond the capacity of its infrastructure. Nothing has emerged in the Interim Statement to change the parish council’s viewpoint.

“The parish council considers that the district council has simply ignored the views of Billingshurst parishioners and its elected representatives. HDC has continued to promote development at Billingshurst despite overwhelming opposition.”

More than 1,000 people have responded to the consultation run by Horsham District Council, which included exhibitions in both villages as well as in Horsham.

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