Parish council which ‘punches above its weight’

Steyning Parish Council is using devolved powers under the Localism Act to take on minor highways tasks needing urgent attention- avoiding delays which would occur if these were left to West Sussex County Council.

“Steyning is looking into this, in conjunction with their neighbouring parishes at Bramber and Upper Beeding, with whom they work closely on matters of common interest”.

Action is alwaystaken quickly to ensure that the parish is well maintained.

Another parish concillor, Gill Ness-Collins, cares for Steyning’s parks and open areas including the new wildflower garden”.

Roger Toms is in charge of continuing improvements to the Steyning Centre.

He is currently looking at upgrading the garden to cater for weddings while the centre now has solar cells which contribute to income.

Parish clerk Sue Booth said: “The centre is a valuable resource and we ensure its cost to the parish is as minimal as possible- currently only £8,000 a year.

The council is working with Horsham District Council and local businsses to keep Steyning High Street busy, supporting existing shops and to enable empty premises to be rented out as ‘pop up shops’, maintaining trade.

Parish Council chairman David Barling said: “Steyning Parish Council punches well above its weight.

“We are fifteen people who are completely committed to the wellbeing of the town.”