Parish admits planning comments not ‘correct interpretation’ of pub’s work

Wheatsheaf in Plummers Plain.
Wheatsheaf in Plummers Plain.

A Plummers Plain landlord’s angry complaint at a parish council objection to his planning application has drawn an apology this week.

Publican Stephen Callow, who runs The Wheatsheaf in Handcross Road, had labelled the assertion by Lower Beeding Parish Council (LBPC) that his pub sign had fallen down due to poor workmanship ‘a lie’.

Mr Callow, who lives above the pub and runs a family business, is applying to Horsham District Council for the erection of an outside bar.

“I feel if they want to object they should do it for a good reason,” he said. “You can lose faith sometimes.”

The parish council’s original letter of objection read: “Most recent additions to the inn have been very poorly constructed to the extent that a few weeks ago the large ‘Wheatsheaf’ sign on the front of the pub, by the road, collapsed together with the supporting tree trunks. This could have caused serious injury.”

However, after being contacted by the County Times, the parish council admitted that the statement was an amalgamation of views expressed by a number of parish councillors and residents.

A spokesperson for the parish council said: “Following further investigation, LBPC now entirely accepts that the views expressed at point 3 of their comments to HDC regarding the planning application were not in fact a correct interpretation of the status of workmanship at the Wheatsheaf or of the circumstances leading to the damage to the Inn sign.

“LBPC sincerely apologise to Mr Callow for the error made.”