Parents return to school for Maths workshops

Readers' news
Readers' news

Parents have been invited back to school recently in a bid to help their children make the most of their Maths revision, thanks to a new scheme at Tanbridge House School.

The Year 11 Parent and Child Maths Workshops are designed to teach both students and parents how to revise effectively and help each other in the run up to their GCSEs. This unique approach ensures that students have the right support in place, and that parents are actively involved in the revision process and understand the sorts of things that their child is learning.

The workshop does not intend to teach parents Maths again, it simply shows them how to develop revision methods that work and create an effective environment for deep learning. Many hours can be potentially wasted ploughing through revision guides and past exam papers, without any actual learning taking place. The crucial element of the workshop is creating a dialogue between parent and child.

Adam Otulakowski, Leader of Maths at Tanbridge, said: “This is where the real learning takes place. The idea is not to teach parents how to do the Maths; people embed concepts and develop their understanding through dialogue with others. We all know the power of discussion, so we shouldn’t see revision, or any learning task, as a solitary pursuit. And there is no better way to build confidence in your understanding than to teach your Mum and Dad how to do something!”

Parents commented: “It has been great! Initially I felt panicky about doing the maths, but it all seems to come together with a little help”

“Very constructive. Very informative. Excellent for bonding and demonstrating how I can support my child”

Students said: “I found the session very helpful. I understand a lot more and now Mum knows how to help me too!”

“I have enjoyed doing the work with my Mum. I find it more relaxing knowing there is some support.”