Oxfam Golf Day is a swinging success

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It was all about birthdays at the annual Oxfam Golf Day this year. This was the 18th year that Horsham Oxfam Group have held this event and congratulate Martin Sparling on being this year’s winner.

Oxfam also has a birthday, as in 1942 the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, later to be called Oxfam, was started to bring humanitarian relief during the Second World War. So Oxfam has a 70th birthday in October!

Over the years Oxfam can be proud of many achievements that have benefited people in need all over the world. Gill Bence referred to the particular success in sub-Saharan Africa where there has been a huge increase in the number of children living beyond their fifth birthday!

Oxfam can be proud to have been part of this improvement, in particular, helping to fund and establish the distribution of mosquito nets and rural health visitors.

Horsham Oxfam thanked everyone for their continued support at the event at Mannings Heath Golf Course raising over a thousand pounds and their interest in the valuable work that Oxfam continues to do. (www.oxfam.org.uk)

Pictured here, Martin Sparling receiving his prize.

Contributed by Horsham Oxfam Group.