Our Church: ‘Seeing good in tough times’

Some of the small but growing members of Southwater Community Methodist Church
Some of the small but growing members of Southwater Community Methodist Church

I can sum up my experience of SCMC in one word: community.

Like many people, I believe one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us is the ability to form friendships and companionships. I believe the knowledge that, in all situations, someone is there to support you cannot be valued highly enough.

Sometimes, however, even the closest friend or family member cannot offer support and this is where the community of Southwater Community Methodist Church (SCMC) is ready to step in.

I know that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, people in the community of SCMC are thinking of me and, if necessary, are ready to offer their help and guidance.

Of course, it goes both ways. Being part of a church that is interested in me has nurtured a desire in me to help and support others, which has allowed me to grow as a person, making me feel better about myself, enabling me to face some very traumatic events calmly and pragmatically.

So, community is key to SCMC, however it goes beyond this. The church has allowed me to see beyond the day-to- day grind of life and recognise the beauty in everything around us. I now see even in the darkest events there can be some good and I strive to emphasise that.

Nobody wants to see suffering and if I, as part of SCMC and the wider church, can do something small to that end; I will feel I have made a difference.

Rowan Lill, who became a Christian at SCMC’s Alpha Course this year.

Alpha is available at many churches for people wanting to ask any questions about Christianity. For more information contact Rev Kath Jones 01403 273454.