Opportunity to voice concerns over library cuts at farmers market

CUTBACKS by West Sussex County Council could see Steyning Library’s budget axed by 15 per cent next year.

The parish council has organised a special public meeting on the subject and are urging those living in the town to voice any concerns they have.

Despite being a well-used and valued community resource, the library - along with other ‘tier 5 and 6’ libraries such as Henfield and Midhurst - will see its funding reduced to meet County Hall’s projected £1 million saving over the next two years.

Steyning parish council however is keen to re-assure residents that there is no possibility that the library will be closed. “We will need to think creatively about ways in which the community can sustain and hopefully enhance the library as a town resource,” said Council chairman, David Barling. “As a vital first step we have organised an open-forum meeting for residents to come and suggest ways in which the town can maintain, and hopefully enhance its library.”

The meeting takes place on October 6, 7.45pm at the Steyning Centre, Fletcher’s Croft, and will be attended by West Sussex Information Services manager/chief librarian Lesley Sim.

If you are unable to attend the public meeting and would like to talk about the library cuts – or other topics of

current concern to Steyning residents – then please visit Steyning Parish Council stand at the Farmer’s Market in the High Street tomorrow (Saturday October 1) 9am until 1pm where councillors will be on hand to answer questions and receive views.

For more information please contact Sue Booth, SPC Clerk, on: 01903 812042 or email: spcclerk@btconnect.com or visit: www.steyningpc@gov.uk.