Why cycling to work is good ... and bad

The secret of a good night’s sleep is to get on your bike and cycle to work.

That’s according to a new scientific study which says people who drive to their job suffer from greater anxiety and are more likely to sleep badly.

Whereas if you cycle to work, the exercise will prove an antidote to stress and promote feelings of wellbeing.

Mmmm. That’s all well and good - as long as your bike journey doesn’t invlove you cycling over the railway bridge in North Street, Horsham.

There can’t be many more stressful routes for cyclists in the district. Or for car drivers, come to think of it. And there’s no way that cycling on that stretch of road could help to send you to the land of nod after a hard day’s work.

It’s more likely to keep you awake. The road is on a hill with a blind bend and is a living nightmare if there are two cars passing each other, let alone a cyclist or two as well.

The On-Yer-Bike study comes from Lund University in Sweden and is being highlighted by Halfords. Spokesman Charles Ashwell said: “Cycling builds exercise into the daily routine and is a fantastic antidote to the stressful lives we lead.”

No doubt it is. But it must surely depend on the state of the roads on which you cycle and the amount of rush-hour traffic whizzing past.