What you need is a daily dose of dog ...

DOCTORS in Horsham are being called on to prescribe patients a daily ‘dose of dog’ to help improve people’s physical and mental health.

And it’s not just in Horsham. Dog welfare charity the Dogs Trust is calling on GPs and hospitals throughout Sussex to take action after academic research reveals regular contact with dogs can improve people’s quality of life.

They say health benefits of dog ownership and interaction with pets include lowered blood pressure and significant mental improvement for people suffering from depression.

Spokesperson for Dogs Trust Shoreham Tracy Rae said: “We understand that not everyone is in a position to own a dog and urge anyone looking to improve their lifestyle to consider volunteering at one of our 17 Rehoming Centres, including one in Shoreham by Sea.

“We hope that GPs in Sussex will encourage patients to engage with dogs as our four legged friends really do provide you with a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

l Meanwhile, although much attention is rightly focused on the sacrifice of human lives in war on Remembrance Sunday, this year a Horsham vet remembered the animals of war as well. Among patients at Arthur Lodge Veterinary Surgery are two explosive detective dogs. Archie, a Springer Spaniel and Buster, a black Labrador, both work for ICTS, a security services company, and are looked after by owner, Sam Macleod.