Summertime makes me full of bounce! What about you?


Hi kids. I’ve had a really fun week so far, even though it isn’t that sunny any more.

The first thing I did this week was to go to the cinema, because it was 
raining. I went with my mum and dad to Brighton and we saw a really funny film there.

I love going to the cinema because dad buys me popcorn and it’s always really yummy! After the film finished we went out for lunch in a really nice restaurant and I had a cheesy pizza – it was really tasty.

In the afternoon we went to the aquarium where we saw all kinds of different fish, stingrays, turtles, an octopus and even the huge sharks! Scary! Then we went home and I drew a picture of what we had done so I could 
remember it forever, I love drawing and mum say’s I’m good at it too! She keeps all my drawings on the fridge so we can see them.

The next day it was still raining!

So me and mum played hide-and-seek inside – I found her every time and she had to give up because she couldn’t find where I was hiding, which means I won! In the afternoon it finally stopped raining so I went to a fair with my mum and dad. They had a bouncy castle, which was really cool, and lots of stalls selling all kinds of food and plants and jewellery, which mum really liked, especially the necklaces, we went round all the stalls and bought flowers and strawberry jam because it’s my favourite.

On Wednesday it wasn’t raining, so mum, dad and I went to the park, where I went on the swings and the slide and dad pushed me on the roundabout. I saw some of my friends and we played lots of games for ages, until it was time to go home, I love spending time with my friends, we always have fun!

Chip Chip for now!

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