STUART McGINLEY: Many places to visit on West Sussex holiday

I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays despite the unpredictable weather – I feel sorry for anyone sleeping outdoors!

I used to love camping out as a kid, meeting new friends at holiday parks across the country and sleeping in a tent seemed so much fun then, but when I did this again a few years ago as 40-year-old, I had forgotten about the damp, cold nights, having to walk what seemed miles to fill up a water container, the noise and having to use a not-so-glamorous bucket for the loo with everyone listening!

If you are on holiday in West Sussex, I hope you have a lovely stay here, there are so many gorgeous places to visit here across the South Downs and, of course, our beautiful coastline.

As someone who lives here now, I tend to take it all for granted. Note to self – get out more!

I have been out and about recently with Spirit FM, handing out free ice cream to our listeners, and have really enjoyed it. People are always so friendly, especially when we give them a free ice cream! I must say hello to a lovely lady called Mo who told me my picture here in the paper didn’t ‘do me justice’ – she said it makes my hair look more grey and how gorgeous I am.

Okay, I might have made up that last bit, but it’s funny how a little comment like 
that can stick with you and cheer you up, thanks Mo!

When out and about, people always say you never look how they’d imagined, the most common one for me is people thought I would be taller, but I’ll take that. I forget that we all imagine how someone looks when we hear their voice, that’s one of the things I love about radio as it paints pictures. I always did the same when I listened to presenters on air, when I met them they often looked nothing like I’d imagined!

We’ve just had some new pictures taken for our Spirit FM website which as you read this should now be up online, so take a look and see if you agree with Mo, or not!

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