STUART McGINLEY: Give a local hero the recognition they deserve

Sorry about the rubbish weather last week, clearly this was all my fault as I took the week off work – I won’t do it again now for a few weeks at least.

I am about to give up on the summer and just look ahead to November when I have a trip to Tenerife planned where I might get some sunshine there instead, but perhaps I shouldn’t tempt fate!

So we’re getting the exam results in now and that means the new school term is just on the horizon, so the X Factor will be back and Christmas decorations in the shops before you can say ‘bah humbug’.

We’ve even had some Christmas commercials on Spirit FM recently too, sorry about that!

One thing I did want to mention this week is Spirit FM’s Local Hero Awards 2015. I hosted this for the first time last year and was very nervous. So nervous in fact, I was starting to sweat a bit.

So I nipped into the loo before the ceremony started and sprayed on the under-arm deodorant like someone using fly spray in a frenzy, unfortunately this triggered the smoke alarm and we almost had a big delay to proceedings! Thankfully, the evening did get under way on time and I smelt lovely.

Nominations close at the end of this month for this year’s event and we are especially looking for nominations in the Bravery and Lifetime of Achievement Awards, so if you can think of anyone who fits into these categories, then please nominate them at

Just one nomination can give someone the recognition they deserve and you can make this happen.

Nerves aside, it was a truly humbling experience hosting the awards last year. 
In a world of negative headlines, it really was fantastic to hear so many heart-warming stories of bravery and courage and also 
the acts of human kindness we often never hear about.

There will be highlights of the evening in October on Spirit FM of course, and I will be announcing soon in my show who our special music guest star will be – my boss Sally is hoping it’s Robbie Williams (again) but I think he’s still busy – Jason Orange might be free though?

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