STUART McGINLEY: Border collie keeps me active after sweets

SO the tins of sweets and mince pies are on sale now even though most of the latter have a ‘use by’ date before the end of this month, not a problem for me as I will happily eat them any time of the year, and I am clearly not alone!

Have you noticed that even though the price always seems to stay the same every year, the tins of sweets get smaller, do they think we haven’t noticed?

Of course this seems to be happening with lots of products all year round, the packaging and quantity gets smaller but the price magically stays the same, or even goes up!

The government only now seems to have noticed that sugar is bad for us and is actively encouraging manufactures to reduce the levels of sugar in their products, some of them have responded by creating either smaller sweet treats (for the same price!) or with the arrival of these share packets of sweets.

Now, come on who wants to share chocolate?!

They even have a useful sticky label you can use to seal the packets to keep them fresh.

This is never a problem for me as I used to happily polish off an entire ‘share’ packet of Minstrels or Maltesers before the end credits rolled on whatever movie I was enjoying with them!

Needless to say, I did put on weight and had to make a lifestyle change to get this under control and I am delighted to say I’ve managed to keep my weight the same for a year now.

I lost four stone last year and some people say that’s the easy part, keeping it off is where the real work begins, and they are right.

So my answer was to pretty much stop eating chocolate bars and just eat cakes instead!

I have maintained an active routine of running and have a very active Border collie to help keep me fit, so I can still enjoy the naughty things in life.

If you are planning on losing some weight but want to wait until after Christmas, don’t worry as I am sure the supermarkets will be ready to replace the mince pies and sweets with ‘detox’ shakes from January 1!