Plenty of performances but are they good or paw?

JPNS Chipper in his new office pic 4
JPNS Chipper in his new office pic 4

Hi there.

With the Oscars coming up, it made me think of my favourite canine performances on the big screen.

Just last year we had a fine performance from Uggie the Jack Russell in the Artist.

It was full of emotion, comedy and wonderfully actuing. A paw de force if you will.

You will not be old enough to remember Turner and Hooch, but Hooch, played by Beasley, a rare Dogue de Bordeaux, puts in a good enough performance to win the Palm Dog award at the Canine film festival.

Basically Hooch teams up with one of those human detectives and they solve a case together. But the main thing I remember is his drool, he looks like he swallowed a tennis shoe and the laces are hanging out of his mouth!

Lassie is the dogfather of doggie actors and has been brilliant in too many films to mention.

Other notable performances include Beethoven, Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, Marley (in Marley and Me), Crab in Shakespeare in Love, Higgins in Benji, and, of course, Terry as Toto in the Wizard of Oz.

Dog films always prove to be tearjerkers and my overall favourite performance is Spike in Old Yeller. Very sad but very good!

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