Nik Butler - Myth of a war with the younger generation

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I cannot fathom the mindset of an individuals whose reaction to the air gun shooting of two teenagers has been ‘they deserved it for what they were doing’.

To use a rarely heard saying ‘it beggars belief’.

I am left wondering if we are not perpetuating the myth of a war with the younger generation.

A war of indifference and apathy towards their existence in our community, the propaganda of which is to suggest that the youth of today are unfocused. Which explains why they gather in groups and set themselves physical challenges of dexterity and fitness. Propaganda which highlights the actions of a few youths to suggest they are all alike - just as we are all laying in wait with a pellet gun to abuse an unwary teen.

Why does living in Horsham appear to create an us versus them mindset?

Meanwhile not everyone views teenagers as a burden to our society.

I know of at least one shop in the centre of Horsham which caters to large groups of self organising teenagers, by providing space and facilities in much the same way as any other youth service will offer.

The difference here is there being no expectation of separating the ages.

As an adult I get to experience the curious landscape as to why there are centres for the youth and the elderly which are clearly titled but in between we have leisure centres, pubs, malls and markets.

As if as a community we divide a lifetime of experiences into three distinct communities and ensure that no member will cross the others path.

What concerns me is the approval of such actions may spread to other possible societal transgressions.

Should Cyclists begin to wear stab vests in case they are discovered cycling past a dismount sign?

Should those who park on a double yellow lines without displaying an appropriate permit expect their fingers broken? Get a grip Horsham.

The real menace to the public peace are the self appointed judges of transgression whose anger is vented in physical action and verbal abuse.

My parting thought in the debate over parkour or urban skateboarding is why I rarely see any decent first aid kit in the vicinity and an indication of first aid training.