Nik Butler: It is important to get a feel for the big picture

At this moment in time, just as the stories surrounding the Conservative and UKIP parties are unfolding, you should be taking a big step back from the political conversations of the last few weeks.

It’s important to get a feel for the big picture. Some might suggest I am invoking Godwin’s law a little early but I like to feel that I could at least surprise my former history teacher, Mr Kew, in having taken a lesson or two out of the classroom.

However if, as I have been told by certain members of local parties, my article uses big words or appears too complex then feel free to join me for a coffee in Horsham and we can find out which were the hard parts.

Let us begin by understanding that we should embrace political defections not because someone has failed to stand for their principles but because they demonstrate flexibility in their world view. Follow this in asking political parties to resolve their own rhetoric in explaining why they have a majority of representation.

Either the electorate vote for an individual, and if so then why do we bother with a party system, or the electorate vote for a party. In which case the electoral maths should be examined more closely because it certainly was not the majority of the electorate who place them in power but only a majority of those that chose to vote.

Add to this some crucial mis-stepping in how they communicated their roles. They do not represent ‘only’ those who voted for them but the whole electorate. Which is part of the written mandate, or standing orders, that they sign up to when taking the office.

Finally let us take a view on some of the phrases passed around as commentary to the reaction of an individual’s change in political allegiance. What exactly are ‘Traditional British’ values? or Traditional Families? or even Genuine Christians?

So as I step back and look to the bigger picture surrounding local party issues I feel there is a certain echo stirring in the debates. An idea which wants people to find something to fear, someone to blame and something to believe. Ideas which communicate that we should unite behind traditional values which will surely deliver the country into salvation and prosperity.

They make me wonder if the names written on a Carfax memorial have been remembered in vain.