New Year’s guide for Horsham men

GUYS, if you’re thinking about making a New Year’s resolution, help could be at hand from Horsham Round Table.

It has just released a guide to the top male accomplishments to achieve before reaching the age of 40.

And for those of you who haven’t yet reached this milestone, the list includes a range of activities from such things as completing a bungee jump to more surreal experiences like eating a whole Scotch bonnet chilli.

Round Table president Jason Thomson said the aim of the list was to motivate men to get the most out of life. “We wanted to ensure that men in Horsham, and across West Sussex, continue to aim high and accomplish some amazing things in their lifetime.”

He added: “Almost every man out there will have already accomplished at least one of the things on the list – most of us have experimented with growing a moustache, for example – but for those remaining, Round Table is here to help.”

The top 20 are:

1.Order a vindaloo when you normally have a korma

2. Grow a moustache

3. Go clay pigeon shooting

4. Test drive a supercar

5. Give blood or be a organ donor

6. Participate in an event to challenge a ‘Guinness Book of Records’ title

7. Learn how to snowboard

8.Visit at least two of the seven wonders of the World

9. Organise a beer festival

10. Go tractor racing

11. Turn up in fancy dress to a formal event

12. Learn to give a good massage

13. Go scuba diving

14. Spend a night sleeping in the open air

15. Be dragged behind a speedboat on something inflatable

16.Turn up at the airport with a passport and luggage and catch a random flight

17. Skydive

18. Speak in front of a large audience. Sober.

19.Climb a mountain to play tiddlywinks

20. Build a raft

To view the full list, and to find out more about joining Horsham Round Table, visit