New Horsham bus stop secured

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Bus passengers travelling into Horsham down North Street have a very big gap from the stop at the railway station to the next stop in Albion Way by Swan Walk multi-storey car park, a distance of nearly half a mile, and passing such important buildings as the Capitol Theatre and the Council Offices.

There are some 12 bus routes using North Street.

As a result of representations to the county council (responsible for bus services) and with the support of the Denne Neighbourhood Council and the bus companies (Metrobus, Stagecoach and Compass Bus) we now have a new stop in place outside Horace Fuller’s shop in Park Street by Wellington Road.

I undertook the negotiations on behalf of Age UK Horsham District to help elderly people reach the day centre at Lavinia House in Denne Road. It also gives closer access to Queen Street and East Street.

My thanks to all those involved in the long and complicated process to get a new bus stop. With real time information on many buses, I hope that people will become used to this new stop and make use of it.

P.G. Lusher

Trundle Mead, Horsham