MILLY LUXFORD: There are some days when it would be better to just stay in your bed!

YOU know when you have one of those days, when you genuinely wish that you hadn’t left the snug comfort of your bed?

Well, may I present to you, my Saturday.

After a brilliant Friday night with Team Spirit at the St Wilfrid’s Hospice annual quiz night at Bishop Luffa, where we managed to come in a respectable third place, I awoke on Saturday feeling super positive and decided to go for a nice eight-mile run.

It was a wee bit chilly, but I managed a good time.

I spent the last two miles daydreaming about the nice hot soak in the bath I was going to enjoy as soon as I got in.

I made it home, however, only to find I had managed to lock myself out.

All was well though, with the joy and wonder of modern technology I would merely use my phone to call a friend who has a spare key… the phone which I had forgotten to charge the night before, which was now as flat as flat could be.

While trying desperately to switch it on though, I did manage to drop it and smash the screen.

This really was turning into the day that kept on giving!

So, after trying my hand at being possibly the worst burglar ever, dressed in fluorescent pink running gear, armed with a hair grip, muttering about how easy they make breaking in look in the movies, I finally admitted defeat and started the two-mile plod to my friends’ house where I knew a spare key lay waiting.

Of course this is only as long as one of said friends would actually be in!

Finally lady luck was looking down on me and my friends were in.

One very kindly offered me a lift back home… only to find when we got there that he had picked up the wrong key.

Seriously, this had all happened before midday. I have officially decided to not leave the house on Friday the 13th.

Oh, big thank you to Tim and Mark – my Saturday heroes!

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