MILLY LUXFORD: Before I knew it this singleton was being raffled off – for a bargain £50!

ALL we singletons can breathe a sigh of relief… It’s over for another year.

A day that is designed to make couples feel obliged to ‘do something’ and make us single folk feel like we are somehow failing at life.

Really, I don’t need reminding.

That said, my Valentine’s Day was a relatively unique one.

I had dinner with my dear friend, Vicky Edwards, in Sainsbury’s café (very nice Chorizo Paella, I must say) and then we headed to The Riverside Caravan Park in Bognor Regis to compere the ‘Back to the 60s’ charity night.

It proved to be a wonderful evening with brilliant back-to-back live music.

Oh, a special mention to nine-year-old Oliver Hobbs and his drumming debut.

To top it all off, £7,500 was raised for Molly’s Wish, nudging the family ever closer to the £50,000 needed to get Molly to

the USA for a life-changing operation – you can find out more at

All was well, that is, until Ms Edwards decided that as well as the raffle, we may as well throw in an auction lot…

A date with yours truly!

Yep, there I was, stood on stage by her side when she decided to make the announcement.

I was mortified, but what could I do?

It would have been most uncharitable to say no, but equally the connotations of someone making payment for a date – not great!

Bidding started at £10, nudged to £20, moved up to £30, £40 was offered and then things peaked at £50.

I’m worth £50!

Luckily the highest bidder just so happened to be the most attractive chap in the room, but most importantly, it’s all extra coffers for a very worthy cause.

If anyone does happen to have any suggestions with regards to how I can get my revenge on Vicky, please do

get in touch.

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