McGINLEY’S MUTTERINGS: Frustration at parking and pothole problems

So last week it was trains and now it’s potholes and parking!

Can I just ask the lovely people at Chichester District Council to allow more payment options in some of their car parks in the city centre?

It’s so frustrating when you don’t have any or the right change to pay for parking, or having to overpay because we don’t have the right coins.

It’s easy to get caught out and not have coins or a smartcard to pay, most other cities and towns now have the facility to pay with your mobile phone so surely it’s time to put this in place here?

I talked about this on my radio show recently and a caller told me to keep quiet or the council might install the new technology for this but put up the prices, oops sorry!

I was interested to read an article last week in the Chichester Observer about the poor condition of the A27 between Chichester and Havant, and after driving there last week I too was shocked at just how bad the condition of the road surface is.

I was gobsmacked at the response from the Highways Agency, confirming it is aware of the problem, but that a recent inspection ‘did not highlight any safety critical defects’.

Well I suggest they go back again and not only will they find big chunks of the road surface missing, but also lots of motorists swerving quite sharply at times to try to avoid a potential hefty repair bill, needless to say this is very dangerous and could cause a serious accident.

A Highways Agency spokesman told the Observer: “There is just over £4.5m of allocated funds to fully repair this section of the A27 over the next three financial years.”

Three years?!

Well apparently the more serious defects will be repaired immediately and in the meantime ‘bumpy’ road surface signs have been placed along this section of the A27 to warn drivers.

I suspect most of us won’t see them as we will be looking out for large missing chunks of the road surface!

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