Link between Dr Who and Horsham’s Shelley Fountain

JPCT Horsham. Local scenes. Local Life. -photo by steve cobb
JPCT Horsham. Local scenes. Local Life. -photo by steve cobb

JUST where does the time go? It’s the end of another year and the months seem to have gone by in a flash, don’t they?

Well, actually, yes they have. Gone in the flash of a neutrino.

Scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland may have turned physics on its head after possibly discovering that neutrinos - sub atomic particles - can travel faster than light.

Now as all Isaac Newton fans will know, nothing can go faster than light. Well, not up until now.

But if a group of Italian scientists have got their figures right and it proves to be true, it means that all that Back To The Future stuff could really happen. Yep, Doctor Who and the Tardis is not so far fetched after all. Time travel may really be possible.

Now, it’s got me thinking, if we could all nip backwards and forwards in time as the fancy took us, what would we do?

Well, I bet if the Duke of Norfolk - the one holding the title back in 1888 - had his way, he probably wouldn’t have handed over Horsham’s Old Town Hall to the town. I mean, he wouldn’t want to see it abandoned with a question mark now hanging over its future, would he? It’s far too majestic a building to be stood empty and unloved.

And what about the artist Angela Conner who created Horsham’s Shelley Fountain? Would she really have wanted to take on the commission for the artwork if she knew beforehand how much stick she would get about it from a seemingly ungrateful public?

And, as for Horsham District Council, if all the members had realised in advance what a public outcry would follow their proposals to close and demolish Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, would they really have proposed demolition in the first place?