Trust us to make right decisions

Despite the label of Localism this sadly does not apply when it comes to housing numbers that Central Government have deemed as necessary for Horsham’s District over the next 20 years.

Thursday, 21st February 2013, 2:08 pm

Therefore as your elected council members and on behalf of our residents we have been discussing this vital issue at meetings for some considerable time.

Last week those of us in the majority, who really did not see the need for the biggest suggested

number being put forward, are hoping to agree with other councillors the smallest number that we hope will pass the Government Inspectorate.

In order for this to not be overruled as too little we intend to back up our decision with evidence that we are all well aware of.

This of course encompasses the lack of infrastructure with our

roads, parking at our railway stations, an easily accessible accident and emergency hospital, the effects on the environment and wildlife and a myriad of further issues, which will hopefully ensure that we succeed in our mission to protect our district for ourselves, our children and grandchildren for the foreseeable future.

However we do understand that in order for the district to continue with its prosperity and desirability as a place to live we must recognise that there is a very real need for more housing and we simply cannot ignore this.

Thus after agreement on numbers our final step will be to thoroughly investigate where and when in the next 20 years these houses are to go.

This process will take time and effort on the part of our Horsham District Planning divisions and of course as members we will be fully involved in making these important decisions.

Please be assured that not only are we council members but we are also residents and care very strongly about our district.

We hope that you trust us to continue making the right choices and should any of you have any concerns that you wish to discuss we are all easily accessible with our full details on Horsham District Council’s website.


(Con) Horsham District Council member for Slinfold, Warnham and Itchingfield, North Street, Horsham