‘Rookwood proposal about us selfish golfers taking up land rather than new homes’

Letter from: Michael Cade, Camelot Close, Southwater

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 2:57 pm

I have just read the latest HDC plan for a new public park and sustainable eco friendly neighbourhood on the site of the Rookwood golf course and at last I realise the problem.

The development is not about new homes and an improved nature park but, and I quote ‘the proposal is to open up land currently restricted for use by golfers providing a new park for all residents to enjoy’. Of course, the problem is obvious.

We golfers are selfish and thoughtless and wish to keep large chunks of open space to ourselves. How thoughtless of us. We must repent, wear sackcloth and ashes and seek forgiveness from those who wish to use this wonderful site.

Rookwood Golf Centre, Robin Hood Ln, Horsham, Warnham. Pic Steve Robards SR20012702 SUS-200127-170257001

We must in future consider all residents and not just the few thousand people that like to play golf.

Of course, the same warning must now be given to those other selfish sporting types who enjoy sports which deny space for other residents to enjoy.

I refer of course to all of you who play football, tennis, rugby, cricket, hockey, bowls, as well as you swimmers, athletes, gym users and not forgetting the skateboarders.

Do you not realise how selfish you are, insisting on space which is denied to those that do not share your enthusiasm. Shame on you.

You should renounce such indulgences and allow the space to be returned to public use for all to enjoy, or perhaps develop for housing.

Just think how many homes could be built on the cricket field, and Horsham Park could surely house thousands of wonderful new homes. Just think of the pleasure that would bring to ‘all of the residents’ of this town.

It strikes me that Horsham District Council should employ a specialist ‘Tsar’ to over see the conversion of our wasteful sports facilities to a more friendly and fair space for all local residents.

This would surely attract more people who wish to live in a town with no space wasted for sports facilities. I can think of just the person to undertake this role!!!