LETTER: Strong language on development

Horsham council will not apparently be supporting the second runway at Gatwick ‘because of the very considerable detrimental effect that a second runway is likely to have on the physical, social, environmental and character of the district’ (WSCT 15/02/15).

Friday, 23rd January 2015, 5:00 am
Your letters

I would suggest it’s a shame the same words were not used to stop the development of North Horsham, it would appear strong language like this can only be sanctioned by Maude and the Conservatives following the party line.

We will soon have a chance to get rid of Ray Dawe and Helena Croft and all the whipped voters, let’s seize that opportunity.

I notice that Maude uses our precious local newspaper to enlighten us about his views on Islamic extremism and the Conservative management of the country’s economy, you already have a platform for that Francis, how about your views on local issues, that is of course if you have any.


Holly Close, Horsham