LETTER: Shock at closure of Merrythought

It was a big shock when I went into the Merrythought restaurant in Horsham’s Bishopric to book a table and was told it was closing and it was not known if it was still going to be a restaurant.

Sunday, 4th January 2015, 5:00 am
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The last of heritage. First the King’s Head Hotel, mentioned in the Domesday Book, where they would change the horses half way between Brighton and London.

Then Horsham Town Hall, given to the people of Horsham by the Duke of Norfolk, that was made into another restaurant.

Now the Merrythought, last of the very good English restaurants, has closed.

Over the years it had always stayed the same, very helpful and friendly with the high standard of English food at very reasonable prices.

I had been going to the Merrythought for over 71 years. I would go down for my break when I worked for Boots the Chemist, which was in West Street, now the Works shop.

All my shift would go down to the Merrythought for coffee and rock cakes, which were out of this world. It was owned by two very sweet old sisters who wore little chintz pinafores.

Over the years I have seen various couples run the restaurant. The last owners, Edis and Christine, were a lovely couple.


Orchard Road, Horsham