LETTER: Search for any remaining family

I was adopted as a baby and am hoping to trace the family of my birth mother who died in Horsham.

Sunday, 4th January 2015, 5:00 am
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I am Kenny Phillips, born Christopher Keane in 1962 at South Shields General Hospital.

My mum Mary Elizabeth Keane, nee Blyth, was born in County Durham in 1926 and passed away in Horsham Hospital in December 1997. Her last known address was Heron Way, Horsham, and I am trying to trace any remaining family in the hope that I can locate my mum’s grave and possibly meet up with relatives.

I do not want to intrude or cause any upset. I do understand it’s a sensitive situation, but it would be great if there are other family members there.

I would like to find her grave because I would like to visit it and get a photograph of her and know if she looked like me.

I have had a great upbringing with my adopted family, but a conversation I had last year spurred me to look into my biological family.

According to the records I have, Mary had three siblings, John, William, and Rose.

I can be contacted by calling 0775 2093606 or by emailing [email protected]


Lilac Walk, Dunmurry, Belfast, Northern Ireland