LETTER: Power to build what and where

Who deserves the biggest ‘Thank You’ - David Moore of The Horsham Society for his excellently expressed treatise (page 37 of your last issue) or you for printing such common sense and truth?

Friday, 31st May 2013, 8:00 am

Not only has he highlighted the incredible fallacy propounded by government ministers, that the rescinding of central government building directives has empowered the people and created localism but you have given it (what is another word for an untruth?) the prominence that is essential if more and more of the voters are to appreciate the true reality.

Which is government Inspectors/Planners are now the Power who decide ‘ who builds what and where’!

Let everyone start shouting - no building for commuters but concentrate on our local real needs (and most certainly for those wanting to buy their first home and other affordable housing ), no building on green land (unless absolute proof is accepted that no brown field site is suitable ), equally building up may be better than building out, and finally reduce immigration to the immediate level of national justification.

Yes, excess immigration adds to not only pressures of employment ( 2.5 million unemployed and yet we have the largest number of people in employment ever, in real productive jobs - not non-jobs as created by the previous Government!) but also housing (i.e. building developments ).

If only I enjoyed the eloquence of David Moore ! Maybe I would begin a campaign for genuine localism , with a real voice for the people - maybe Swiss style with referenda for all issues that impinge on inhabitants affected (and not just those making the profit or posing with the power - but not elected ).

Yours , an old style realist and capitalist...


Fay Road, Horsham