LETTER: Out of touch with public opinion

In recent years, even the most senior politicians of all parties have publicly announced their loyalty to a football club - usually one in the Premier League.

Friday, 30th January 2015, 5:00 am
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Their enthusiasm for the ‘beautiful game’ knew no bounds. It demonstrated their understanding of the ordinary working man - and read well on their election address.

A handful even invested in a season ticket for their local club and, on occasion, would be seen on the terrace - or more likely in the VIP box - trying to be one of the lads.

But in Horsham, local politicians appear determined to kill off our old established football club which has been at the centre of the town’s sporting scene for the past 134 years.

One has to question whether any reminder of old Horsham is safe in the hands of this vandal district council - a council that will spend thousands on tarting up West Street; that sells off our old Town Hall for commercial use and agrees the huge development of north Horsham - without any meaningful consultation - all behind closed doors.

In refusing planning permission for ‘The Hornets’ to occupy a site on the edge of town, our district councillors have brought a new meaning to the term, ‘Rotten Borough’.

They have shown themselves to be out of touch with public opinion - combined with a meanness of spirit. Come May, we should all aim to see the back of them.


Bourns Court, Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham