LETTER: MP’s decision a surprise to many

It seems that Mr Maude’s unilateral decision to step down came as a surprise to many, including some of those in his own party.

Saturday, 14th February 2015, 5:00 am
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With no evidence that there is a replacement in the wings and only three months before the general election, his move seems to have been totally unplanned and that the Horsham Tories may well be in disarray.

Recent County Times reports also indicated a degree of conflict between the deputy leader of HDC and one of their prospective candidates. Is this something that the Tory HQ is investigating perhaps and is there a bigger tip to this iceberg than has been evident so far?

Perhaps all will become clear, once the Tories have signed the Free Speech Charter and they can tell all. We can but hope.


Arun Road, Billingshurst