LETTER: Monstrous plan rightly rejected

Horsham’s Mrs G.D. Constable believes ‘we the electorate have a right to have these questions answered publicly’ (‘Catastrophically damaging plan’, WSCT Letters, Sept 12).

Thursday, 19th September 2013, 8:00 am
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Mrs Constable also believes that - ‘having studied the ‘Interim Sustainability Appraisal’’ - the West of Ifield proposal has ‘many benefits over the North Horsham plan’.

May I suggest Mrs Constable studies the ‘Interim Sustainability Appraisal Environmental Report of the Preferred Strategy’ more closely.

In that report she will find Horsham District Council planners have clearly answered such questions ‘publicly’ - the report being available for anyone to see at the Horsham Public Library.

West of Ifield (the plan to build 3,500 houses on the ancient Parish of Ifield) is not a viable option, and for the last 14 years it never has been a viable option - especially for many of us in the community of Crawley.

Horsham District Council, in the report which Mrs Constable has apparently read, totally rejects the West of Ifield proposal made by the developers - and rightly so.

It was monstrous.


The Ifield Society, Lavington Close, Ifield