LETTER: Memories of wartime days

I went on the BBC website on my computer for some research and found the very interesting letter by a young boy during the Second World War. He lived in Horsham, was nine at the end of the war, I was 12.

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014, 6:00 am
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It was very enlightening in the facts the young writer had put into his story. Anyone living about the time he was in Horsham will identify with his charming story.

I can we remember walking with my friends down Denne Road, experiencing the dog fights and the Doodle bugs.

We used to stroll to the Army camp, the Canadians were ensconced on the top of Denne Hill, we had lovely times on the hill and through the fields, watching the soldiers at the firing range at the bottom of one slope, and finding plenty of spent cartridges.

I remember hearing that most of those brave soldiers never returned from the battlefield.

Also the day two planes collided above Horsham, and as children we recovered a lot of Perspex to shape and make things. One crashed near what we termed as the Kissing Gate, and I did a lot of metal detecting a few years back and found remains of the plane, I think all of us children remembered the site.

We used the road for access to one of the best playing areas in Horsham, but alas it has been gated over, which I still find strange how the council allowed that to happen.

It seemed and still does that we had right of passage as Horsham residents to walk to our Denne Hill, but now confined to barb wired enclosed pathways, unless you come in from Kerves Lane side.

Well thanks Editor, hope your readers will enjoy the BBC site to read about the young boy’s story of wartime Horsham.


Wheatsheaf Close, Horsham