LETTER: Maude feared losing to Labour

Recently it was announced that Francis Maude would be standing down at the forthcoming general election. It seems odd that he decided to stand down so close to the election, when we knew when the election would be, since the introduction of the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Saturday, 14th February 2015, 6:00 am
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Why leave it so late? Maybe as has been suggested he has been promised a top job via the House of Lords, should the Conservatives win the election.

From Mr Maude’s point of view it saves him from needing to go through the difficulty of an election. The other suggestion is that Mr Maude was fearful of losing his seat and decided to take the easier route, by becoming a member of the House of Lords.

It is most likely to be a combination of the two reasons, and it confirms the canvass returns that we have collected putting the Conservatives in Horsham in danger of losing the seat to Labour, for the first time.

Whoever the Conservatives choose will not be in the top flight as they have already selected those candidates. Horsham will get, either, a candidate no one else wanted or a serving MP who is on the chicken run for a better seat. Surely, Horsham deserves better than that?

The Conservatives now know, as did the self-serving Mr Maude, that Labour can win, and is on the path to win Horsham.


Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Horsham, c/o Clarence Road Horsham