LETTER: Losing touch in the rich / poor gap

We have read and heard much about the demand for housing in our district and now we are seeing it with our own eyes! Large areas of our green and pleasant land are being used to accommodate the seeming need for accommodation.

Sunday, 13th October 2013, 8:00 am
Your letters

Such demand causes me to reflect on why this need is as it is.

Clearly, Horsham and the surrounding district is a lovely place to live, therefore more people want to live here, where you and I are indeed blessed, here and now, to share in this beautiful part of England.

It also reflects the affluence of this part of our world where demand is met by affordability, suggesting an affluence not mirrored in all parts of our country.

This affordability, this affluence, is available to many but by no means to all who live and want to live, in our community.

With house prices rising at a rate greater than many other areas - demand pushing up prices - many of our young people are finding it impossible to ‘keep a hold on the ladder’ and many more aware that the ladder is way outside their reach.

For them and others, including those without even a roof over their head, are, in our affluent town and district, an increasing number of people who are in danger of ‘losing touch’ with the community in which they live because of the increasing ‘rich / poor gap’.

Jesus reminds us that the whole of the Law of God hangs on ‘loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves’. (Matt 22: 37-39)

Therefore we must not lose sight of God or our neighbour as we grow as a town and as a community.


St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Horsham